We provide seminars to Teach and Train Teams and Individuals:

Seminars may be in person or on Zoom (mostly on Zoom currently) anywhere in the US or in other countries.

Teach and Train Teams via Zoom – with demographics of your area.

Seminar subjects

Invading the darkness with the Light of Christ

Reaching Immigrants for Christ as They Enter a Postmodern World

Unpackaging Buddhism / Reaching Buddhists for Christ

Developing Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding your Hindu Neighbor

Christian Response to the New Age

Understanding Animism

A Christian View of the Religions of the Spirits, Religious Viruses, or Spiritual Malignancy

Re-inventing Missions in the Church

Reaching Peoples of Eastern Cultures and Religions


Walking the Cost: Can you hear the darkness tremble?

How to Grow Your Church Through Children’s Ministry

“Wholistic” Ministry

Reaching Diaspora Peoples through Health Care

Getting the MAX out of ESL

Introducing the Hmong People

Introducing the Kmhmu People

Jewish Basics for Jewish Evangelism

There's a Dragon in the Land



  • Animism: A Spiritual Malignancy
  • Biblical Sin Confronts Buddhistic Sin
  • History of Missions Related to Diaspora Missiology in the USA in the 21st Century
  • Impact of Fourth Wave of Immigration on the United States and on the North American Church
  • Naturalism: Interrelationship between Naturalism and Christianity – a Christian Response
  • Reaching Eastern Cultures and Religions: Animism