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What We Do




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Teach and Train Teams

         Seminars may be in person or on a webinar

         Teach and Train Teams in person – Short Term Mission Trips in Arizona or in your area –

  • Invading the darkness with the Light of Christ


         Reaching Immigrants for Christ as They Enter a Postmodern World

         Reaching Buddhists for Christ

  • Unpackaging Buddhism

         Developing Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

         Understanding your Hindu Neighbor

         Christian Response to the New Age

         Understanding Animism

  • A Christian View of the Religions of the Spirits, Religious Viruses, or Spiritual Malignancy

         Re-inventing Missions in the Church

  • Reaching Peoples of Eastern Cultures and Religions

         Energizing your prayer life  

  • Walking the Cost: Can you hear the darkness tremble?

         How to Grow Your Church Through Children’s Ministry

         “Wholistic” Ministry

  • Reaching Diaspora Peoples through Health Care

         Getting the MAX out of ESL


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